CPDev tools - WinController - Soft controller

CPDev tools

  • IDE involving language editors, ST compiler, translators of FBD, LD and SFC graphical languages, online execution mode, and debugger.
  • Simulator CPSim for execution monitoring, built from buttons, “LEDs”, control panels, value displays, and simple trends.
  • Platform dependent CPCon configurer for interfacing communications and I/Os, custom developed while porting CPDev to particular target platform.
  • CPVis tool for designing HMI interfaces. Displays may be presented by different devices, such as TFT and LCD panels, monitors.
  • Virtual machine runtime for execution of intermediate VMASM code (Virtual Machine Assembler) generated by the compiler.
  • Visualization runtime for CPVis. Runs in parallel with the VM.


  • Runtime environment composed of several VMs (execution units) for complex software. The software consists of corresponding CPDev projects. Data exchanged by means of global variables.
  • May be used as a supervisory computer for PLCs, PACs and HMI panels, or as a station in DCS system.
  • Implemented as a service in Windows service functionality. Runs nonstop in the background, and starts automatically when the computer is switched on.

Soft controller*

  • Dedicated runtime for execution of single CPDev project by PC. External devices connected by USB.
  • Modbus TCP protocol for SCADA software. Simple OPC server.

* Optional component